Here's what what we expect to accomplish in this activity.

1. Use Google Sky (in Google Earth) to find an astronomical object.
(First, you'll find one we assign based on your computer number; when you're done, choose any others you want.)

2. Create a color image of that object using the Aladin applet.
(For a "screencast" movie showing these first two steps carried out for m1, see this link.) One tip not included elsewhere: to get rid of the cross and arrow that show up on your image by default, find them in the "overlay" tab and click them off.

3. Save the image you created using Jing software.

4. Upload the image to Flickr to put it in a published slideshow of all the images your class creates.

5. OPTIONAL: Add the image to a wiki page where you can discuss it with scientists and classmates.
(For an example of a finished page, see this example for m81.) This step usually takes you beyond the one-hour time we typically set aside for this activity.

6. Use a Google Form to give input about today's activities.

Thanks to astrophysics graduate students and NDeRC Fellows Joe Ribaudo and Kate Rueff for help with earlier versions of this project, as well as to a bunch of cool astroimagers from Edison shown below:
external image 5094102304_14fed1f770.jpg