2010 ASTRO Summer Institute

Monday - Reflections and Images

Today was an overload of information. I really enjoyed the DVT presentation, such a neat resource. In the afternoon, I felt like there was a l ot of good information there, but moved at too quick of a pace. I am finding a lot of this information to be above the lower elementary level. I am looking forward to working with the telescope tomorrow.

Tuesday - Reflections and Images

I loved the hands-on today. I thought the telescopes we made were a great resource to use in the classroom. The scavenger hunt was a lot of fun, good learning experience. Fun day!

Wednesday - Reflections and Images

Today was a busy day but really interesting. This morning was a bit advanced and overwhelming, but I still found it interesting. The CLEO lab is something that probably wouldn't work for Kindergarten but I can see it would be a great tool for older students. The afternoon session was a lot of fun. What a great way for students to learn about the solar system. That was a fun experiment. Looking forward to tomorrow.

Thursday - Reflections and Images

This morning's CLEO lab was very frustrating for me. I can appreciate having us work with different programs and gaining the experience, however, I feel like it was just "expected" of us to know what we were doing and left to do it. There was no explanation or anything at first and I felt as though it was a waste of my time, I had no idea what it was I was looking at or what I was to be doing. I really appreciated the explanation on what we were actually looking at when it came to the wavelengths, but I still don't feel as though this information will help me at all within my classroom. I felt as though I was in a high school class or college class and left to just figure it out and when we asked for help it was just assumed we should have known what we were doing and our questions were annoying, which I thought was frustrating on our end. I feel an overview of what we were doing and the purpose would have been helpful. Maybe doing an example together or a few would have been more beneficial to a lot of us.

One suggestion I have for the next session (next year ) would be to have things applicable to lower elementary as well. If you could separate elementary from high school, that might be a better way to meet all the needs. I appreciate giving us the experience, but nothing would apply to my classroom and that was what I was really hoping to gain this week.

This afternoon's session was great, I really enjoyed listening to Caroline and learning about the Stellar Spectra. I think my kids would love to use these and see all the colors. The concept might be more advanced for them but it would be a good experience for them. I enjoy the "hands on" experiments we have engaged in.

Friday - Reflections and Images

I really enjoyed today listening to everyone talk. One thing that is great about getting teachers together in any setting is the collaboration that goes on. I learn more from listening to my collegues than anything else. I really enjoyed listening to everyone talk and sharing lesson plans. I got a lot of great ideas and plan on incorporating them into my year this year.

I also wanted to say Thank you again to everyone who took the time to put this institute together. The enthusiasm and passion that came through was outstanding. Even though some of the things we worked on was frustrating and on a higher level, I was excited to try it due to the enthusiasm. That makes the best kind of teachers!! Thanks again, looking forward to more instistutes to come and to be apart of.

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