Mon 7/19
Hello. My name is Robert Chance and I am enjoying this summer's (10 ) Astro-physics class at Notre Dame. I can hardly believe they (we) are offering this class, since it is improving my knowledge and skill in a way that only this past year I was told I needed. Thanks Notre Dame and friends!

Tues 7/20

Good class. We learned about the history of astromers and telescopes. Of course, the difficulties between Galilleo and the leaders of the Church were brought up with an attempt at an evenhanded presentation. A couple of mistatements were made by the narrator off the PBS show. It was never formal church teaching that the sun went around the earth, it was commonly thought by most Europeans, including by many bishops of the church. They couldn't see how to reconcile Galileo's and others assertions with common sense and the common way to interpret certain Biblical passages. The inquisitor ( St. Robert Bellarmine) told Galileo not to come to Rome and try to convince certain bishops of the "fact" of the sun centered solar system. He was told that he could still teach it as a theory. But the mathematical/ physical model he was using (circular orbits) didn't match up with his theory. So "don't teach it as a fact", and "certainly don't come to Rome which is already being besieged by the Protestant revolt" . When he ignored Bellarmine's warning and came to Rome and was rejected, and then, as Catholic, wrote a long allegory ridiculing the pope about his treatment of the matter, that's when the Church silenced Galileo, without torture, by the way. Once the correct mathematical model (using elipses instead of circles) was introduced by Kepler, the sun centered solar system idea was allowed to be taught in church universities.

By the way, who donated those cool Galileo telescopes we built and used?

Wed 7/21

Learning about solar weather and energy leaving the sun was enlightening. We also were taught a little how to assess the trustworthiness of internet sources. On the distance lab, instructing your teams to make 10 m string with the meters marked might speed up the slow part of the lab.

Thurs 7/22

I love being able to talk to presenters and other teachers who know more about the internet tools, internet sourcing, and just interesting background info on astronomy and physics.
Our lab using CLEA materials on spectra was and is engaging. (I hope to continue using it myself and with my students).