2010 ASTRO Summer Institute

Monday - Reflections and Images

This place is amazing. I like how we kicked off the week in the DVT. I think kids would really fall in love with it. Today was my first go-round with Google Earth. I really liked it. I think it can be a great supplement for science curriculum.

Tuesday - Reflections and Images

I didn't know the main purpose for a telescope was to collect light. Astronomy is very fascinating. Kate is super intelligent. No wonder she goes to ND. I'm happy I have my own telescope. I can't wait to take it home and show it off to my husband and my 5 year old nephew. I liked how we had to do group work today, plus get some "hands-on" experience. Inquiry based instruction, right? The scavenger hunt was a lot of fun. I can see doing this with younger students, just have telescopes waiting for them so they can look. And then older students can manipulate telescopes to look. What a fun day!

Wednesday - Reflections and Images

Wow, this photon stuff was way over my head. To be honest, I didn't read most of the information, but I was able to complete all the experiments. The experiments themselves were interesting. I think the photon information would be way over elementary students heads, but I did like the experiments. I think that the experiments can be good practice for data collecting and graphing, so actually it could be a good supplement for Math practice. Holy, cow, that solar system group work took a lot out of me!! My group worked really well together, and we won. So that's a bonus...
I really do appreciate the resources that are given to us for our classrooms. Thank you for the planet cards and the radiometers. They are amazing!

Thursday - Reflections and Images

Whoa, this CLEA stuff is WAAAAAAAAAAAY over my head. Today's lab was really hard, and I barely got through it. I didn't understand anything that I did. The only thing I did retain was how to classify a star if it is "hot" or "cold." The spectra lecture from Caroline was interesting. She made it easy to follow, plus she checks for understanding. She is bursting with energy (maybe switch to decaf??). I liked the examples she used. Even so, some of lecture was over my head, but I think I was able to keep up well enough.

Friday - Reflections and Images

Really nervous about the symposium, group and individual. I don't know how detailed you want our lesson plan and our reflections. I'm thankful that you gave us extra time to work on it in the morning. Shelley's talk was interesting. I liked the visuals she gave us. Plus, she used analogies to explain some of the concepts. I understood a lot of what she said, just not everything. You can tell that she enjoys what she is researching. Stellar probably makes perfect sense to her, just not to me. But, it is interesting.

This week is over, and I have really enjoyed myself here at ND. I'm in awe of this place, and it's so accessible. I feel smart just being here. The topics were interesting, even if some of them were over my head. The group leading the workshop have done a great job in keeping us engaged and working. Thank you for everything.

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