I was amazed at the satellites that circle the earth. I have never seen a picture of this nature before.


Zodiac is something I have wanted to talk with my students about. They are interested in their birthdays!



The activity that we did with the planets could be done with elementary students. It would give them a good idea of the distance of the planets. They would enjoy an activity that allows them to move around. Also, students in grade three learn about the U.S Customary and metric measurements.


Today we learned about the classification of stars and features of the main spectra. Kate knows so much about this topic it is interesting but I feel I am absorbing a glimmer of it.


We have taken in a lot of information this week. I felt a bit overwhelmed because as an elementary teacher I am trying to figure out how I would explain to students.
I feel one of the most important things is to get students interested in astronomy. The enthusiasm from our teachers this week has been enlightening. It is fun to see the passion and zest that these topics are presented with. I have appreciated the take home items we have received. It is a good reminder of what can be taught.