If you've made it this far, congratulations! Now do a Google search for "NASA APOD m81" (or whatever your object is, where "m" stands for Messier Object and the number corresponds to the number on the computer you are using. After you've completed this task for that object, you can choose any other object in Google Sky and repeat the whole procedure.)

Read the short paragraph under the image of your object at that link. Then try posting that link to your page--there are no instructions here for this, but you can figure it out--and post a question to your wiki page based on what you've learned. An astrophysicist will answer your informed question by posting a comment under the "discussion" tab.

If you don't finish this section in our session today, you can try finishing it at home; you'll want to come back to this site to read the comments on your question which our astrophysicists have made. Below are some graphical instructions to get you started. But in this advanced section, you're working more on your own!


Then go to the wiki page where you want to insert your image. Click "EDIT".