ASTROweek at St. Jude's Catholic School: 4th Grade (Miss Verleye).

Sun/Day/Night/Seasons powerpoint
Demonstration- Materials: sun, earth, flashlight

Constellations powerpoint
Constellation Myths video
Star Scavenger Hunt search for stars and galaxies using images of the real night sky, utilizing real star data; hit "Navigation Tool"
constellation quest
Make-your-own-constellation- Materials: black construction paper, mini star stickers (~8/student), gel FX markers (for dark paper)

Planets powerpoint
Planet order- Materials: Stickers (one set/student), xerox of planet sheet
Distance/Scale demonstration- Two rolls of toilet paper, set of laminated planets (need space)

Transit of Venus powerpoint
Chuck Bueter's 4 min video
Paper Plate Activity
Materials: Paper plates, scissors, markers
Horrocks Memorial window (on transparencies, preferably)

Moon Phases simplistic powerpoint
Lunar Phases great interactive learning tool for learning the phases of the moon
Oreo Cookie Lab- Materials: Oreo cookies (7-8 per student for full phase set), spreadable white frosting (to use as "glue"), paper plates