Participant Goals:

1. Navigate Google Earth and Google Sky

2. Create a color astroimage using the Aladin Applet, accessible through SIMBAD from Google Sky

3. Capture and share your astroimage using Jing and Flickr
--we'll use NDeRC's Jing account; you can get your own free account here.
--visit NDeRC's flickr account here; you can create your guessed it..for free:)

4. Embed your astroimage from Flickr to your own blog
--add a few words about why you like it, how you made it, what you've learned about your object, or anything you like!

Going further:

Comment on the astroimage blogs other participants have posted

Post a classroom transfer idea (suggested by today's activities) in your blog; comment on the similar posts of other participants

Discuss astronomical objects with graduate astrophysicists
--Ask a graduate astrophysicist a question online:
. join this wiki
. create a new page on this wiki,
. post your image
. ask your question
. subscribe to notifications for you page (or follow all the action: do a site-wide subscription through the "manage wiki" page!)

Contribute to the online messier project...